For 5 years old

AfterSchool Classes


Term: 1.5 hr/ week for 12 or 24 weeks.

Your child will be brought through Science. Technology.  Engineering. Mathematics concepts to establish an understanding of the model they will be building in a structured classroom curriculum. Our trained teachers will then guide them to follow our step-by-step model plans to create models with different themes, then customize it to their own specifications and take their mini-figure for a ride while learning principles behind the different models and the science behind them!

Amazing Animals

It’s a zoo in here! This is a unit sure to delight kids who love creatures. We’ll be building models of snakes, insects, mammals and more. Each week we’ll discuss fascinating facts about the animals we build, from the chameleon that changes colors to the seal model that waddles across the table. Students will love these moving models that celebrate the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Exploring the Everglades

Step aboard to build some exciting ways to get from here to there. Take to the sky in our Bricks 4 Kidz helicopter model, race across the beach in an ingenious land sail, or zoom through the water on a jet ski. Kids will learn what makes each machine unique and how it moves, exploring concepts such as buoyancy, propulsion, lift and g-forces! What other ways will you invent to travel through air, land and sea? Whether you’re a high-speed thrill-seeker or just curious about how things work, this unit offers something for everyone.


Remote Control Mania Camp

Making it move is the name of the game at this exciting camp! Kids will love to see their creations in motion using LEGO® wireless remote controls. Each day, campers will use fascinating and challenging LEGO® components to create dynamic vehicles, inventions, machines and more. As they enjoy the fun of building, campers will understand the basic working principles of many ingenious devices that are part of our everyday lives. Campers will also learn how to magnify, diminish and redirect force to move objects at different speeds and in different directions. This camp is loads of fun and learning for budding builders.

Extreme Expedition Camp

FB - Extreme Expedition _ImageForm a team to face the challenge of our extreme expedition camp. Search the globe for bricks and other resources needed to construct a base in the Himalayan Mountains and complete your expedition. Encounter Worst Case Scenario survival challenges, face forces of nature, and construct transportation equipment to bring your team together from around the globe. Do you have what it takes to face extreme brick adventures?

Olympics Camp 

Calling all sports fans… on your mark, get set, build! Celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics with cool models of sports from cycling to soccer, basketball to gymnastics. Take a break from the heat and compete indoors to set your own Brick Olympic records with our exciting sports-themed challenges! We’ll post the winners on our own “Medal Tally” board and award winners with Bricks 4 Kidz medals.

Super Hero Camp

FB - Super Hero _ImageJoin Bricks 4 Kidz for a week building Super Heroes with LEGO® bricks.  Explore all the caped crusaders and discover their super powers.  Create a fantasy world and protect it against all the evil arch enemies with custom contraptions made with LEGO® bricks.  At the end of the week, all SUPER HERO CAMPERS will go home with a custom mini figure!  Copyright Bricks 4 Kidz® 2012.  This camp is not affiliated with Marvel Comics.

Space Mission & Adventures Camp

FB - Space Adventures _ImageInspired by NASA and Star Wars™, our Space Adventures Camp is packed full of models that will make your imagination blast off! Space, often called “the last frontier”, has inspired scientists, star-gazers and adventurers for generations. Get inspired to go on your own adventure and join us on a Mission Space! Discover some incredible structures at Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39, travel the surface of the moon on a lunar rover, and explore Mars onboard the “Curiosity”. Our tour would not be complete without a visit to the International Space Station. We’ll provide the bricks, all you need to bring for this adventure is your imagination!


Bricks 4 Girlz Camp: No Boys allowed!

Grab your friends and come hang out with us for a girls-only week of crafting and creating with LEGO® bricks. Build adorable houses, cafes and fun motorized girl oriented models. We’ll do lots of other unique things with bricks, from jewelry making to brick art and origami, with a take-home project each day. And don’t worry… there are “NO BOYS ALLOWED!” Because this week is all about girls!

Angry Birdies/Bad Piglets

FB - Angry Birdie _ImageEnter into the world of Angry Birds® and Bad Piggies®…the Bricks 4 Kidz way! Campers will be challenged to physically build and destroy a level from the popular game of Angry Birds. Set your birds to flight by launching them on catapults and slingshots to destroy pigs. Build a working launcher to create things to knock down. Campers will have the ability to build different colored birds using LEGO® Bricks, along with our proprietary model kits.

CHI Challenge Camp

FB - CHI Challenge _ImageLet the legend be told, that in the land of Chima®, only the brave survive. Eight animal tribes battle in pursuit of CHI, the balance of life. Campers will have the opportunity to choose their tribe, while building and battling for victory. Put your Chima® skills to the test throughout this camp, by racing Speedorz® and building motorized models with LEGO® Bricks. Does your tribe have what it takes to become the ultimate master of CHI? Your destiny awaits!

Teenage Bricks Turtle 

FB - Teenage Brick Turtles _ImageGrab your katanas and nunchucks as we prepare to fight crimes with the Teenage Mutant Bricks Turtles. Practise engineering as you build 2 of the courageous turtle and their rat sensei, Master Splinter. Strengthen your Ninjitsu skills to beat villainous shredder and his evil foot clan. After a treacherous day of crime fighting, don’t forget to the turtles a break to enjoy a turtle down their sewer dwelling under the city. Let’s build and play.. BRICK TURTLE style!

Kidz’ Nite Out, or Parentz’ Nite Out?

3 hrs/ session. Only available on Fridays and Saturdays. Min. of 4 children.

Wanna go on a date night? We have a special evening planned for your child! Drop your child off from 7-10pm on Friday/ Saturday evenings so they can build, play, relax, compete in challenges and have an evening full of fun and excitement! We will also provide pizza and a drink for them too!



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